Gordon and Jerry at Y Camp (later Camp Clifford)

That certainly looks like Jerry with me on his shoulders. It’s at the Y Camp (YMCA) which later became Camp Cliffside when the Y dropped out. The same people still ran the camp. It was on the South Branch (of the Potomac River) about 20 miles south of Cumberland. Jerry was a regular and may have become a counselor. I went to camp once and I didn’t return until later when as a basketball whiz I put the rest of the campers to shame. There was a trapeze from high on the river bank out over the river so you could swing out and dive, flip etc into the water.

The camp was downstream and across the river from “Blue Beach”, a rustic restaurant and picnic area, where I earlier had learned to swim. While wading, I reached down and picked up a discarded can and dumped out a CRAYFISH! with scary pincers. To save my toes, panicked, I picked up my feet and swam for the first time. –
Gordon Swan